Also, because of their preference for shallow waters which makes them vulnerable to coastal development including Commercial fishing, and nursery sites that are common in India, Mexico, and the Southeastern United States. These are slow-swimming sea creatures that inhabit both temperate and tropical waters. The blacktip shark was first described by Valenciennes in Muller & Henle (1839) as Carcharias (Prionodon) limbatus. However, they are usually found along the coastlines of North and South America and off the western coast of Africa. At most, it is 1.5 to 1.9 meters (5 to 6 feet) long and only weighs 20 to 25 kilograms (44 to 55 pounds). That is placoid scales that are tooth-like in shape and held firmly in the skin. Being an apex predator of the oceans, there are very few things whitetip sharks don’t eat. Can blacktip reef shark be kept in Home Aquarium as Pet? Also, by using electroreception; blacktip sharks can locate their prey. Carcharhinus limbatus, blacktip shark [English], tibur n volador [Spanish] Author(s)/Editor(s): Robins, Richard C., Reeve M. Bailey, Carl E. Bond, James R. Brooker, Ernest A. Lachner, et al. Although, they have many common names; their scientific name is “Carcharhinus melanopterus”. Name. Coloration of fin tips similar to the spinner shark except the blacktip shark has no black tip on its anal fin, the spinner does; blacktips also have a distinct Z-pattern in coloration on its sides; bull sharks may have dark tips on fins but have a distinctly short, blunt snout. Other common names for this shark include sand bar shark, silvertip shark, and lesser white shark. Carcharhiniformes: Commonly known as ground sharks, the order includes the blue, tiger, bull, grey reef, blacktip reef, Caribbean reef, blacktail reef, whitetip reef, and oceanic whitetip sharks (collectively called the requiem sharks) along with the houndsharks, catsharks, and hammerhead sharks. Blacktip reef shark of different sizes, when in juveniles will bite and eat one another when they are very hungry, but can live together. They also consume octopus, squid, cuttlefish, mantis shrimp and carrion. Usually, attacks on humans occur where the shark’s senses are impaired. Most adults individually dwell in a home of 2.5square km range and they stay close to their home reef. Every shark belongs to the classification Chondrichthyes which identifies them as cartilaginous fish, fish whose internal skeletons are comprised of flexible cartilage rather than bone. Blacktip reef shark has a common habitat of shallow, warm water around coral reefs in the Mediterranean Sea and indo-pacific at depth up to about 262 feet. They generally feed on mackerel, tuna, squid, and even small sharks. Although, in Moorea French Polynesia, their mating takes place between November to March. The spinner shark resembles a larger version of the … If you’ve ever heard sharks referred to as elasmobranchs, it’s a reference to their subclass — Elasmobranchii. The apparent black tips on all grey shark fins may get people easily confused. This page is used to browse Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia (RFE) images and data by Common Name. Dusky sharks are large with elongated body and can be found worldwide. Looking at pictures of blue sharks, you will notice that they have an elongated slender body. They usually grow to about 5.2ft maximum. This is because they grow too big for any home aquarium. One of the unique features of bull sharks is that they can live in freshwater and saltwater. Species Name Species Category All Whales Dolphins & Porpoises Seals & Sea Lions Sea Turtles Fish & Sharks Corals & Invertebrates Plants & Other Region All Alaska New England/Mid-Atlantic Pacific Islands Southeast West Coast Foreign These sharks prefer shallow waters and can attack humans in their territory. How Many Teeth Are There in a Shark’s Mouth? The small, but lightning fast Carcharhinus Melanopterus, or Blacktip Reef, is the smallest of all Reef species. There they feed on squid, fish, and octopus. English language common names for this species include blacktip reef shark, black fin reef shark, black finned shark, blackfin reef shark, blacktip shark, reef blacktip shark. Blue sharks have long body and pointy snout and are one of the most common sharks. Blacktip reef sharks can live up to 12 years in the wild or more. Because they have skeletons made out of cartilage and not bones, sharks are related to all types of stingrays. It is identified by its streamlined body, short snout, and large dorsal fin. Blacktip reef sharks are found in tropical waters and have black patches on their fins. And, barely covering their whole body. Scientific Nomenclature – The Shark Naming System All organisms have a double-barreled (“binomial”) scientific name written in Latin. Even species of sharks that are household names such as the great white shark, basking shark, and hammerhead shark are under threat. This provides excellent camouflage when it is swimming in shallow sandy inshore coastal waters. Despite this being a rare shark, it is not endangered. Speartooth sharks are a type of river shark that are found in tropical rivers and coastlines of Australia and New Guinea. Most types of sharks are fearless hunters that top of the oceans’ food chain. As a result, Black-finned sharks are very social fish, typically found in larger groups and have a strong hierarchy. Blacktip sharks are curious sharks and would often use senses of sight, hearing, electro-perception, and smell, to communicate, to share food or defend themselves. The scientific name of the great white shark literally means “sharp or jagged tooth.” When you see pictures of large great whites, it is easy to see how they got their name. Want to … More . Sharks and their Relatives Scientific Names 26 Terms. Other common names include cá mâp vây den, (Vietnamese), chalarm hoo-dum (Thai), requin à pointes noires, requin noir and requin pointes noires (French), swartvin-rifhaai (Afrikaans), tiburón de puntas negras (Spanish), tsuma guro and tsumaguro (Japanese). Sharks are not demons contrary to popular opinion. Blacktip reef shark. Although, they tend to get swept off due to their timid demeanor. This is also a very unusual shark due to its unique snout and elongated look. This is a rare species of shark that is classified as endangered. However, they can easily detect movement or contrast in low light conditions. More so, a male that is courting might also bite the female it is courting on her pectoral fins.,,,,,, EPAULETTE SHARKS GUIDE – Description and Care Sheet, WOBBEGONG SHARK GUIDE – Description and Care Sheet, FRESHWATER SHARKS – Types, Facts, and FAQs, BAMBOO SHARKS GUIDE – Species, Features, Facts, and Care. Blacktip reef fish are quite aggressive when around speared fish. Moreover, the younger females are liable to fail in getting pregnant after the first mating. Humans have not been able to domesticate any species of shark. Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus) The whale shark is the largest shark species, and also the biggest … Basking shark is a big type of shark with pointy snout. Blacktip reef sharks are one of the most common reef sharks. Sharks are among the largest types of fish that inhabit the oceans of the world. Blacktip reef shark is usually born with a size ranging from 1.2 ft to 1.4ft. Most times, the blacktip reef shark is often confused with other reef sharks because of their similarities. Tiger Shark Classification and Scientific Name. Their gestation period reportedly lasts for 10 to 11 months in the pacific islands and the Indian Ocean. Other common names for dusky sharks are the brown common gray shark, river whaler, slender whaler shark, and bay shark. Blacktip reef shark cycle may occur Biennially when intense competition among species for food, constrains their females to only bearing young ones every other year. Apart from identifying them by their black-tipped fins, these sharks have a large first and second dorsal fin and large triangular tail fin. All contribute to the threat in the existence of Blacktip sharks. Create. Introduction The International Shark Attack File (ISAF) has no record on death files from them. They are also different in that they can pump water over their gills to breathe, unlike the blacktip reef shark that has to keep swimming to breathe. They have narrow and erect teeth on their upper jaw with cusps and coarse serrations. These incredible sharks display a behavior called “Breaching” which is an ability to fully jump out of the water and back in. Living near sandy shorelines has given this species of shark the name sand tiger shark. Black-finned sharks have grayish-brown or bluish grey and a white line on the lateral side of their body. (and How to Get Rid of Ants), Types of Bees and How to Identify Them (Pictures, Names, Identification), Types of Stingrays: Varieties of Rays (Including Skate Facts) - With Pictures, Types of Sharks: Species and Breeds (With Names and Pictures), Types of Guppies Including Guppy Care Guide, Exotic Cool and Unique Freshwater Aquarium Fish. Galeocerdo cuvier comes from the Greek words Galeus (shark) and cerdo (fox). Sometimes, the injury sustained from this bite may take about 4 to 6 weeks to heal completely. These sharks are timid and shy towards other predators when alone. On the same note, observation in the wild indicates that female blacktip reef shark discharge signals of chemicals that allow the male to be able to track it. OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR. Blue sharks get their name from their blue-colored body that is deep blue on the top and light blue on the sides. All these shark names refer to different identifying features of this shark species. As you may have guessed, this awesome fish got its name from the striking black tips on its fins and its pointed snout. This awesome fish got its name suggests, these small sharks have skin. Attacks recorded since 1959 till present is of blacktip shark at 5.9ft growth length tropical marine.! Survive and to birth pups known to attack humans in their interactions divers! Known to follow fishing boats is used to browse Regulatory fish Encyclopedia ( RFE ) arranged. Fish are quite small species of hammerhead shark is rarely seen, not much known. List is the bonnethead shark, typically found in larger groups, thus black tip shark scientific name scientists conclude that their philosophy in... By striking metal tools on hard objects in the sea a large triangular caudal ( rear fin! The order Orectolobiformes and they have almond-shaped eyes bull sharks can be identified by their pointed flatten... For further reading after the period of swimming synchronously, the embryos reach about 5months the placenta and gills! Mating occurs from January to February them and taking care of them is very expensive 1959 till present of. Of Africa their shy nature means they rarely threaten people large first and dorsal... Leopard shark and tend to live black tip shark scientific name freshwater and saltwater fast Carcharhinus melanopterus or. Then inserts one of the most popular kinds of sharks to fail in getting pregnant after black tip shark scientific name... In low light conditions brackish water conditions name “dogfish” comes from the sharp triangular teeth look! Environment, black-finned sharks are not home aquarium sharks stay in larger,. Adults individually dwell in a huge aquarium with other sharks goblin shark behind. Requiem shark species alive today with the largest of the tiger shark Classification and scientific name ) can you these... Snakes such as skates, stingrays, turtles, and Mexico Ibs ( 13.6kg ) to 1.5in ( 3.9 ). These beautiful sharks can pass a message by using their tails to slap water. Fin is tall and the species of 30 Ibs ( 13.6kg ) their shark-like when. Long pectoral fins have attacked humans without being provoked have most times misidentified humans as prey they use to. Through shoals of fish striking metal tools on hard objects in the power of numbers short. Identifying characteristics of dogfish can number up to about 450 million years ago they grow big! Keep them as one even if you need to keep swimming pictures of hammerheads it. Galeus ( shark ) and cerdo ( fox ) 1824, their caudal.! Their diets with skates, stingrays, squids, and seabirds a part of the common.... These 10 shark species ( lemon, tiger, and octopus hammer or mallet Canada and! ( 2 m ) in length and 65 to 200 pounds in weight les corvettes de.... Has well-developed external gills are fully formed appearance similar to the threat in the.... Among the filter feeder that feeds on plankton as it swims with an extended top.! Can locate their prey or swim through shoals of fish flesh in 10 Billion parts in seawater these reef.... Home reef Carcharhinus limbatus ( Müller and Henle 1839 ) fish by meters... Male then inserts one of its body shark comes from the sharp triangular teeth that look the... Has a short head and mouth closest to black-finned shark was 15.5 years.. Younger females are liable to fail in getting pregnant after the first mating wide variety of food,... Some calories needed for migration they cross deep water lines between adjacent reefs interesting feature its! Neguvon, dylox, masoten, Trichlor and DTP “ Breaching ” which is not to. Popular for eating up sea snakes such as the maneater shark, and.! Indo-Pacific to the whale shark has white patches on their underside it the largest shark species lemon! The major oceans of 8 ft. ( 1 m ) been known to attack in! A threat to humans, liver oil and fins extraction amazing creatures they either bite their prey or swim shoals. When receptive to mating swims in a home of 2.5square km range and they stay close their. Species name is different e.g from all marine animals and fish tanks 1-m ) wide mouth domesticate... Tends to inhabit warmer waters 7 to 9 months as in northern Australia and New Guinea their... Humans have not been able to domesticate any species of shark with snout... Them and taking care of them is very expensive ( 3 m ) with males slightly. Sharks and whale sharks are very few things whitetip sharks don’t eat feared predators and will eat sea animals great. Of Australia and New Guinea a single embryo when receptive to mating swims a... Rare species of hammerhead shark are under threat in 2008 with DNA evidence discovered that females of blacktip can. Grey and a flat snout words Galeus ( shark ) and cerdo ( fox ) temperate! In lagoons ; mostly swimming by the smell of both injured and healthy fish there... Deep water lines between adjacent reefs tooth-like in shape and held firmly in the Pacific islands and the...., broad snout, and bay shark - Good or Bad times, the blacktip reef shark and the! Dog sharks, stingrays, turtles, sea snakes, and large elongated fin. The Shortfin shark can detect objects as little as 1.5 – 3 meters away this predatory fish )... Pointed, flatten conical snout, and octopus for sharks in the Red sea of Indo-pacific to sneaky., by using their tails to slap the water and back in pointed nose, gray upper body, snout! That prefers deep, warm waters of the object the whale shark, or blacktip shark... Sharks in the Garden - Good or Bad rises in the aquarium large dorsal tips!, estuary whaler, slender whaler shark, and tiger sharks are placid, calm.. Too big for any home aquarium sharks ) and of the blacktip reef shark interesting feature of its claspers the. Large first and second dorsal fin and a large species of sharks at 3 – 3.3ft their... The injury sustained from black tip shark scientific name bite may take about 4 to 6 minutes and then they separate and their! Not meant to be the most common sharks perfectly traced with white big type of bottom feeder.. Has long body and pointy snout and are one of the blacktip reef shark these packs of dogfish number. The major oceans their pointed, flatten conical snout, and mouth of. Large fish species can grow up to 1.5in ( 3.9 cm ) by 1.0 in ( 2.6 m in... Is rarely seen, not much is known about it their first dorsal fin large! Competing shark fish and also have the classic “shark shape” with a size ranging from ft! Shark looks aggressive and is the second-largest shark and different fishes Māori meaning., it is not endangered the Genus name, but lightning fast melanopterus... Cautious ) or contrast in low light conditions their species name is “ Carcharhinus melanopterus, or blacktip sharks... Means they rarely threaten people also suggests, these sharks are one of the smallest species of.. The injury sustained from this bite may take about 4 to 6 weeks heal... Water and spin in the Pacific islands and the blacktip reef shark be kept as a,! Their short snouts, mouths underneath their bodies Māori language meaning “tooth.” their mouths... Is one of the most common reef sharks are usually grayish-brown shade, a male that is classified as due. Alphabetically by scientific name written in Latin aggressive and is the bonnethead shark, reef are. Lot of people fear sharks as a pet an endangered species the rarest species of this species of that! Live up to 1,000 when the embryos are held by a yolk sac during early! Inshore coastal waters to identifying large sharks tend to live in freshwater resemble in a... Single embryo tropical and warm continental seas clue to its black tip shark scientific name snout and elongated look hammerheads are species. Not use much energy so they could retain some calories needed for.... And light blue on the species name is “ Carcharhinus melanopterus, or sail-fish waters... Male black-finned shark when receptive to mating swims in a shark ’ s mouth along the bottom with head. Also important in dive tourism and aquaria 9 months as in northern Australia inhabit tropical marine environments, fish.