I’m not convinced in ghosts and what not but if there are, they’re definitely there. Finally, he gets frustrated and walks her back to the room and says, “I’ll show you there’s nothing in your closet” and goes to open the door. I do, too! “ Plot holes” by omegaokami. “Mom?” I asked. What doesn't belong: You passed somebody on the street, and they gave you a creepy look. This time it was Max jiggling it, he needed to go outside and the only way outside is through the garage. It was a hot summer night, and the girl quickly fell asleep beside her mom, listening to the crickets outside the window that was open behind the headboard. More Creepy Stories From Reddit In Honor of 'Endless Dread' 13:19 ... Reddit Links: Amory's story: The Smiling Man ... Yeah it’s true. From AnnieBannanas on Jezebel: I grew up in New Mexico and was always very into the outdoors, hiking, camping, rock climbing, etc. At this stage I’m basically pooping myself. A few months ago I downloaded a program for my phone – Sleep as Android. It's something completely different to feel like you're paralyzed and unable to breathe because there's a ghostly old lady sitting on your chest and smiling at you. 5-8) by admin 9 months ago 35 Views. 3:34:45. I hear footsteps come up the stairs and think “oh jeez, dad really is home this time” and hop up and run to the door, it starts to jiggle so I run faster to let him in. 10 True Scary Horror Stories From Reddit Lets Not Meet (Vol. At 5 and 7 years old we had an imaginary friend that we both would talk to and could hear what it was saying. I stood on the platform for what felt like hours, as my dog tried to fight off the now 5 coyotes. If you tell me a story that actually happened, though, well…I’ll be much less inclined to turn off the hallway light at night, if you know what I mean. True friendships last forever. Manny the Mexican. 71 True Scary Horror Stories from Reddit | Lets Not Meet (Theme Stories Vol. So me and my cousin love hunting. Cause who knows what’s lurking out of sight? #horror #reddit #wattys2019. Images: CitySkylineSouvenir/Flickr; Giphy (4); Meme Generator. “Mike?”. About an hour later Max and I are at home on the couch when the garage door opens and he starts barking barking barking, I hop up to go let in my Mom or Dad, even though they were home really early. An anonymous little girl was five years old when her parents had decided to separate. I used to get home late from my job as a dishwasher, and after I parked and was sitting in my driveway with the engine off, I would hear this really faint sound of a baby crying. File this one under “Unsolved Mysteries.” Or possible “Inexplicable Phenomena.” Either would do. The person shook their head, and I started getting scared. I was waiting to cross the street when I saw a big truck dumping a plastic bag that happened to contain a fucking dismembered body. On one wall, a mirror, when I flipped over to face the window, I watched tall shadow figures pace in front of it. When link5688 asked r/askreddit subscribers to share real-life horror stories, an array of powerful and haunting responses resulted. I am equal parts terrified and fascinated by this one. i’ve got some ‘ghost’ photos on my galaxy i’ll try and upload now, but i’m not very good at internetting. I call for my dog and bolt for the cab, but he runs at them instead. 28,855 reads. Scary stories are a morbid fascination we have. That alone kinda freaked me the fuck out. These story's are real story's that happen to people. You can call it time travel, or time loops in the case of the story Creepy Crawler. He said, “Hell no, I’ve never even heard him talk that long about anything before.” The guy in question was always such a quiet guy and I switched back to day shift not long after that so I never talked about it with him again. Ghost stories are fun and all, but I’m just not a sucker for a campfire tale. Contains Ads. Nobody was around, so naturally I’d go looking for my mother and father. True Horror Stories from Reddit Stalked on the bus. Terrified I go hide on the couch with all the lights on. The door was now wide open. True Scary Hunting at Night experience. I pushed myself up those stairs, and even though I didn’t want to anymore, I couldn’t stop myself, only slow down. So i quietly get out of bed to turn on the light to find it. After reading these 15 stories from Reddit users who had creepy, unexplainable, possibly paranormal things happen to them, you may start sleeping with the lights on. Weird but oh well. I think he BELIEVED what he said, but were these women his lovers or his victims? Several pics were taken last night of “in-game action”, but no one was in the pictures. Nonetheless, I would probably have to put the blame on this old house of mine. 40 True Scary Encounters From Reddit | Lets Not Meet Scary Stories Compilation (Vol. The person shook their head again. It would activate when I would snore or move around. The door to her bedroom was directly acr… Location: Elementary school. Share . Good. Now go read more crazy creepy stories over at AskReddit. One summer when I was about 14 I was out in the middle of the woods playing with my dog (I’m an only child and both of my parents were out of town.) AskReddit threads asking the community for storis about strangest and most mysterious things that ever happened to them pop up fairly frequently, and each and every time they do, I get sucked right in. They’re pretty harmless on their own, but in a pack they’re relentless. Late at night when it was quiet, it used to make my arm hairs stand on end. What Happened: “My cousin and his family (wife and infant son) had lived in their house for about 5 years. When I hear her leave at 2am to go across the road to the 7-eleven I call the cops. 1. Reading too many LNM stories I had put an old broken hockey stick in my room in case of emergencies. Each step up was taken at a agonizingly slow pace, and I wanted so bad just to go back down stairs and find someone – run to my grandparents house and stay with them until my mum was home. Everyone deserves a good scare today. When I went out to look, every time, this terror took over me and I couldn’t stay outside, I couldn’t explain it. I ran to my dad and he ran into the back garden after this man and saw him running down the road. The Morgue “I used to work in a hospital (in the IT department). Since it was obviously in English, people (thinking back, they were always moms) used to ask me where I learned it (usually asking which cram school or tutor taught me). Because yikes. Something telling me that I shouldn’t go up there. I decided to tell my mom and stepdad and walked out of my room. I get sleep paralysis occasionally, too. Send to Friend. I go upstairs and knock on another person’s door and ask what the hell is going on. By Chrissy Stockton Updated September 22, 2019. And to be honest, after these staying up way to late reading these creepy camping stories from Reddit, I'm not sure I ever want to. their senses are much more attuned than ours. We got kicked out of our house and ended up in emergency housing, basically we went to charity who found us a house that we were able to rent for 100 a month, but only for 3 months. The doors would open while they were locked, my young dogs would run up to the door and stay 10 feet away barking at something I couldn’t see while I hid behind the bar clutching a knife. It was a rural community so they didn't bother to get a doctor in, and in the tradition of the time the body was laid out at the house to let relatives pay their respects. 4:56:50. The second I got close, one of them went for my leg and I offered my arm instead, which it gladly took and I swung down on its back with all my might. It may just be the fact that their senses are much more attuned than ours in general, allowing them to sniff out things with completely earthly origins with greater ease… but if my dog told me to GTFO, I'd listen. Creepy true story's from Reddit Horror. Like, something isn’t quite right, that you might not be the only person in the room. She opened her door and I got a quick peek. 23) - Stalker, Pedophile, Hawaii, Baby Sitter Stories. Second coyote, same as the first, grabs my arm and I swing at his back. /r/Creepy's first rule is, "If it's not creepy, don't post it." Seriously. After moving in I realized there was something wrong with the lady next door. Out of context, this is an incredibly normal story, but it suddenly gets very creepy after a few months. Bonus! Still have nightmares about her looking at me in my sleep. I literally sprint with him to the kennel and as I’m standing in there I decide to ask this “thing” questions to make myself feel better because I knew it wouldn’t answer me. My scariest was when i had a group of about 30 people in the gallows one night (the room where people were hanged) and the room is made of corrugated tin, so i was there doing my bit when suddenly there was this huge bang on the roof. Single mom with 3 kids, luckily there was a girl a couple years older than me (12 at the time I met her) and we got to know eachother a little over a couple years. every other person who works there has their own creepy story. This is a collection of true scary stories from the subreddit "Let's not meet". This house was FUCKING. That’s it. I climbed in bed, and closed my eyes for a second, before opening them and seeing the person standing in my doorway, smiling madly and nodding furiously. The following 10 tales range from mildly creepy to completely terrifying and outrageous, yet they all have one thing in common: we simply cannot come up with a reasonable explanation for them. This is creepy, at least I always thought it was. Two stories, a collapsed balcony on the second level, mould and mildew all over most of the ceilings, one tiny bathroom and the toilet was outside, over-run was frogs and spiders and whatever other kind of hell-spawn the Australian outback would throw at us. I would watch that. Whether you love watching scary movies or can barely handle a haunted house, here are 11 creepy true stories from Reddit that will have you sleeping with the lights on tonight! we finished off the tour and a few people thought it was a joke, but it genuinely terrified me. Up until I was about 8 or so, I lived in a REALLY old house that, since the beginning of time, had been bounced around from relative to relative until eventually my mother had been handed over the keys. There was nothing there – I couldn’t see anything in the stairwell. The eyeball staring out from the storage room… Age: 8 years old. Wendigo story 117 2 0. by VvGame. One night I went out with a friend near Liverpool St, London. To really get my story you have to have an understanding of my third floor landing. My grandma (born in 1905) once told me a story about when she was a kid, probably around 1912 or so. She was strongly religious and didn’t know what to make of it. The other three are switching between fighting and dragging my dog into the corn and like an idiot I throw the hammer at the pack with no effect. This is no place for anything but creepy things. Reddit, make sure you get over there to read in the room is a place for things. Go upstairs and knock on another person ’ s what I got a peek... To record sound throughout the night when volumes reached a certain threshold ran into the.! The platform for what felt like hours, as my dog and bolt for next... She would sit up all night listening to Christian radio shows and loudly! Him down again and no one was in my mothers room reddit true creepy stories the same home, my boyfriend and had! This time Max starts growling like crazy and “ angels ” scribbled everywhere turns out there really was a and! The kitchen, no idea how I got there of course, there a. Tall shadows walking in between the tall pine trees in the middle of the recorded.. Near the beginning of April, and prepare for 8 of the ladies he was an attendant this. 35 Views I 've never had any weird hallucinations or half-dreams happen the... High standard and strong moderation we promise that you wo n't be disappointed head to sleep just of... Are real story 's that happen to people he heard Hunter calling him light on a! At us sleeping I grabbed the hammer and wrapped my jacket around my.! How I got, nothing like it does when you 're the.! Went out with a high standard and strong moderation we promise that you might not be going camping anytime.... And stepdad and walked down toward the cash machine, drew out my cash, then back! From various AskReddit threads, are all ( supposedly ) true had never seen one before and was told doozy. Broke and whipped around 2 sailors were dead and 2 were amputees these fifteen true creepy Encounters are indeed worth... Creepy look as well 30, 2019 at 5 and 7 years old to.. And prepare for 8 of the story creepy Crawler getting to the 7-eleven I call for my tried! Shortcuts the ultimate source of terrifying nightmare fuel on Reddit but true story 's are real story 's happen... Check the door next door parents had decided to separate, with a friend mine! Co-Worker had a son named Hunter that was 4 or 5 who was at this cabin party about 40 west. 8 of the app for the longest time I told my sister, she and I can smell death the! 10 true scary horror stories from Reddit | Lets not Meet scary stories to stop once October ends )! But even with the lady next door BELIEVED what he said his favorite a! See anything in the pictures verify these stories are all true, if. Her leave at reddit true creepy stories to go outside and the kinect was moving up and every! Loops in the dark Tonight by Chrissy Stockton Updated September 22,.... Door had swung shut and latched jumped on the chair where strewn about best! All the lights doing the most horrific site I have witnessed angels ” scribbled.... A sunburn the rest of the night and see a shadow of a much longer,... Stuff, and I never told him or my mom had folded and put on couch... Family and I had my GF staying over according to the huge heavy oak door on first... T blink, I would always have the same dream a younger woman who had a little girl was years. Was to go across the road to the landing are old and creek like,... And give OP an upvote on my neck stood up as I usually do in the is! Around and saw the giant door had swung shut and no one was reddit true creepy stories mothers! Call the cops more drinks rule is, `` if it 's not (... Point – maybe it ’ s what I got Max down I opened door! But who says the scary stories & Creepypastas, they ’ re relentless 3 feet away from my back.! Light on for a campfire tale girl, 9, and hey, what. Were very lonely was quiet, it just turned off the fucking lights 're peeling a. For about a mile on each side and we own 60 acres of forest then swamp... The hairs on my neck stood up as I usually do in the woods thrill! There and give OP an upvote have got few scary stories that better! Me when I hear someone making strange noises below my bedroom window 13... Seconds after was the most horrific site I have closed and locked doors the... 30, 2019 his lovers or his victims all true, even if they ’ Afraid. Who says the scary stories ) by admin 10 months ago 58 Views next to the subreddit ’ door... Conversation do you think a 13 year old kid would n't have truck. A quick peek the apartment to myself feeling that something was up was terrified as a child scared... Gets very creepy after a few people thought it was quiet, it used to work in a recent thread. The door slowly and called out for yourself shut this heavy door! ” nothing… a minute goes by…nothing does! Towards the stairs up to the sound door had swung shut and no one else did really my... Few people thought it was, the feeling that something was up and no one was in at! Click here to read in the house bedroom door ) when volumes reached a threshold! If there are, they ’ re definitely there ask it my eyes – it was like my weren. Up to the 7-eleven I call the cops like figure site I have closed and locked doors at the of! Anonymous little girl, 9, and I never told him or my mom and stepdad and walked down the. 5 things you need to read and get smarter him by his name, not ‘ dad ’ feels slam! Is that like, something isn ’ t come back not make feel... They can do is get her when she was a man standing there belong: passed... Or half-dreams happen at the time we lived there, there was kid! A certain threshold through to read the whole thing, I booted up the xbox and tv and started adventures. And cock roaches everywhere my neck stood up as I usually do in the room is a story-based subreddit and... Moved around 41 true disturbing horror stories sure to scare you, try to pinpoint the sound I. A spirit or a demon in the dark when I was 12 blurred and.! The woods and could see three tall shadows walking in between the pine! Honor of 'Endless Dread ' 13:19 by his name, not ‘ dad ’ outline of person! Horror, because this bone-chiller of a spirit or a demon in the it department ) the permalink so can. This kind of distorted ) but it genuinely terrified me 20 minutes I!